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Monday, 5 December 2011

Video Update & Recent Stories about "Me & Moji"

QUICK UPDATES on my recent video work..
 take a look down there >>>>>>>>>>

Hi all..:)
been so busy lately with daily life,wedding video shooting & transformation to my daily job life...
im no more base in Shah Alam Extreme Park..
after many years (3 years & 6 month to be exact) working & put all my effort to this awesome sport centre,on 30th of November im taking a big leap on life to quit my job as a instructor & technical crew there..

There's so much great memories working with nice people..
now,im going to change my personal life as a freelance wedding videographer & ;)

im still have to wake up not-that-early in the morning everyday,go to my new workplace..very2 comfy,free & easy working hour..
so,i have MORE time focusing on editing my video work & updating my blog..

Ok,this is my recent video making this video on 31st of October 2011..which is a few days after i came back from Hungary(28th Oct)...

tired of jetlag & sleepy head...suffering with VERY2 HOT SUNNY DAY & Raining in the afternoon right here in Malaysia..feels like everyday is Summer Holiday here :p

owh2! i won a yoyo contest :D:D

2011 Malaysia Yoyo Battle..its a 1st yoyo battle in Malaysia! head-to-head yoyo battle,im not really that prepared for this yoyo contest..
me?yoyo contest?no more yoyo contest for me since my last competition back in 2007 for team performance..
what a lucky day..i won this time!competiting with many talented kids & way more better yoyo skill from me...

ok,i'll put some photo & video from that yoyo battle next time :)

hermmmm...what else i want to share with u?
yeah! the baking & cooking video :p
don't forget to give some comment & condemn about this video :)

plz watch in HD for better quality..turn the HD button ON:)

Behind the Scene video ::

Full version video ::

LIKEthis entry once u finish it ok :D


  1. waah waaaah.

    goodluck moji:)
    lepas ni sure moji boleh taraf cst..terboek!

    suka vid kali ni.. behind the scene pun menarik~

  2. @Sniffa :: thx Fa :D nak sama taraf dgn orang lain susah..lagi2 CST..
    moji cuma nak memeriahkan lagi industri nih jer...nak menambahkan variety untuk semua orang..
    kasi share kt kwn2 kal suka :p